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  1. The Cure

From the recording Victory March (2013)

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I'm going to conquer the world tomorrow
I just can't find the time today
I'm going to find a voice to speak with
To chase these doubts away
But right now is someone else's moment
That's where the spotlight always shines
It's not good luck that keep them stealing
It's fear that's kept me behind
That little devil up on my shoulder
Well he must laugh himself to sleep at night
Because the angels way to quick to give forgiveness
When I sell myself those lies

'Cause I've been suffering from a self inflicted illness
But I'd rather be the cure
There's no relief injecting shame into this stillness
That much I know for sure
I know for sure I'd rather be the cure

Tomorrow is today's surrender
A white flag holstered by my side
I'll buy myself a new beginning
Then everything will be fine
Because what I have has put a limit
On where I am but need to go
All those things that have been missing
Are responsible you know
That little devil up on my shoulder
He's a bastard when he gets his way
I get so angry that no angel comes to save me
But I'm sure she feels the same
When I won't change

That little devil up on my shoulder
I'd like to see him hang his head in defeat
Staring down at that little angel for the answer
And she's staring back at me, she says it's up to me