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  1. Get Me High

From the recordings Get Me High (Single) and Be Free EP

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Where do you go when I need you most
You fade like a light into the fog
Whenever you want you could swallow me whole
I always keep my fingers crossed

And I know, you could get me high
If only you'd look around to see me sometime
And I won't, let all the mistakes
Define where we're going now or take you away

You make it so hard to love you this way
Giving me so little to hold
You take what you need
And forget what you want
You're a fire in the blistering cold


And what if I mean nothing now
After all that's been said and done
Are you satisfied being hollowed out
You're more than just anyone

What I should've said and what I already know
Is the ice is so thin inside my heart
You bury your head and shut yourself down
Afraid to set foot off from the start