From the recordings Between the Stones and Be Free EP

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Baby it's not working, everything I do
I'm just trying to get your attention
Trying to make my way to you
All these inhibitions
There's so much that's in our way
And with all this lost potential
Let's not let it go to waste

I'm giving you all of me
I'm giving you all of me

I'll be waiting here dying for you to join me
Where the fire's burning deep within my bones
You can leave it all behind here in these foreign lands
Be like water flowing free between the stones

With everything I'm asking, it's a lot I know
It's impossible to trust steady ground when you're afraid of letting go
You and I have something dear they will never understand
Don't waste another minute come and take me by the hand

I'm giving you all of me
I'm giving you all of me


And I know, yeah I've seen it
In your eyes
That devil may care wild hearted person
Throwing caution to the wind