From the recording Be Free EP

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Somebody tell my stupid heart to stop listening to my stupid brain
I've been losing sleep and losing track of thoughts that aren't totally insane
Preoccupied with this overwhelming obsession
That's taken me around in the wrong direction

And I don't want to live a life where I'm always wondering what else it should be
Spontaneous ambitions overwhelmed by responsibilities
In this challenge of the heart versus the mind
The heart should win the battle every time

And I don't see why I'm always standing in my own way
When all I want is to feel the blood rush through my veins
Raising fists in frustration, beating down my soul
Wasting time trying to fill in where there never was a hole

Somebody tell my stupid brain to start taking things to heart
Running circles 'round this track ain't no better than falling apart
'Cause if these thoughts don't get me anywhere
Then I won't find the heart to care