"Walls" Press Release

For Release December 6, 2019
Minneapolis based singer-songwriter Ryan Van Slooten releases his new single "Walls" on Friday December 6th. 

Inquiries: info@ryanvanslooten

"Walls" was recorded at Off Avenue Sound, the operating name of Van Slooten's own home studio. In addition to recording and producing the track, he played all the instruments on it as well. 

From clubs, bars, breweries, and listening rooms, to intimate house concerts, Ryan Van Slooten has played everywhere. Though, as a stay-at-home dad for the past 11 years, he had to put a lot of his musical ambitions on the back burner, a decision he says he wouldn't change for anything. During that time, he's still managed to release 3 full length solo albums, 2 EP's, and maintained steady bookings regionally.

"Walls", the first single from Ryan Van Slooten's upcoming full length album (due out Spring 2020), is a song about finding your path and being true to it.

From Ryan
This song is particularly meaningful to me personally because it contains events from my life that were very impactful on me. I really did skip church in High School and go driving around in my old, beat up car. My disdain for organized religion has never been real popular with those closest to me over the years, but I've always found more value in looking within myself, and to the world around me, for deeper meaning. 

That instance doesn't fully encapsulate what "Walls" is all about, and it's certainly not meant to be an anti-religion song. It's just an instance that I think serves as a good foundation for a song that's about being true to what you believe in, finding what makes you truly happy, and not being confined to man made prisons we often find ourselves in, no matter the judgements and challenges that come with it.

I used to skip church when I was in High School
Instead I'd go driving 'round in my car
I'd think about my life and what I was gonna do with it
This old engine can only take me so far

But one thing that I know for certain
Is I'm no good surrounded by walls
Yeah, I'm no damn good
Surrounded by walls

The road less travelled is paved with desires
They'll always try taking away
They say you'll end up with your tail between your legs
When you show your face back here someday

But I'd rather die trying than to live without purpose
Getting bruised by the stumbles and falls
'Cause I'm no damn good 
Surrounded by walls