"Without a Fight" Press Release
For Release February 21, 2020
Minneapolis based singer-songwriter Ryan Van Slooten releases his new single "Without a Fight" on Friday February 21st, 2020. 

Inquiries: info@ryanvanslooten


"Without a Fight" was recorded at Off Avenue Sound, the operating name of Van Slooten's own home studio. In addition to recording and producing the track, he played all the instruments on it as well. 

From clubs, bars, breweries, and listening rooms, to intimate house concerts, Ryan Van Slooten has played everywhere. Though, as a stay-at-home dad for the past 11 years, he had to put a lot of his musical ambitions on the back burner, a decision he says he wouldn't change for anything. During that time, he's still managed to release 3 full length solo albums, 2 EP's, and maintained steady bookings regionally.

"Without a Fight", the second single from Ryan Van Slooten's upcoming full length album (due out 2020), is a song about facing yourself through the pitfalls of failure and self doubt. "It's a fine between loving and hating yourself, and sometimes I can't decide" is a poignant line in the chorus, articulating the delicate balance we all struggle with in the face of adversity. That powerful message is delivered beautifully with a strong, yet fragile arrangement, making it a song not of defeat, but of hope and redemption.

Learn more and listen to the first single, "Walls", here

From Ryan

Rejection, failure, and self doubt are all unfortunate side effects of a life in the music business, but really, all of us experience those things, in some form or another, in our everyday lives. With this song, I wanted to take a very honest approach, and send the message that in spite of the challenges and setbacks, we must continue to fight for the things we are most passionate about, even when it seems hopeless.

It is my sincere hope that people connect with this song and identify with that message in a meaningful way. It is an anthem for all of us who have been knocked down, but refuse to stay down.


There’s been so many times that I want to throw up my hands 
With tears in my eyes just yell to the sky that I’m done 
I’ve heard no so many times that I’ve lost count, 
And I’ve lost more than I’ve won 
Holding out hope that tomorrow will bring the sun 

Reserving all judgement for success has many different looks 
And I’ve learned that failure is a friend when you really need it most 
Cause there’s always a lesson that must be learned, 
And it’s no good chasing ghosts 
But I’m dying for a reason to raise this glass for a toast 

There’s a fine line between bliss and misery 
And the rollercoaster’s taking me for a ride 
It’s a fine line between loving and hating yourself 
And sometimes I can’t decide 
But I’m not going down without a fight